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Sunday, March 29, 2009  

Dude, I fixed the Dishwasher- CLICK HERE!

If your Kenmore dishwasher or Sears Dishwasher is inoperable or blinking the "Clean Light" - fixing it is just a few button pushes away!

I just fixed my 655.16042400 unit. Several days ago this dishwasher failed and my husband decided that it was time to buy a new one. I didn't think that we could afford it in this economy. We had the dreaded blinking clean light!!

After an undue amount of research, I found the combination of key pushes that reset the dishwasher and it has been working fine since then!

There are a number of different sequences depending on your model - try:
  1. 'normal wash' followed by 'heated dry' cycle five times -OR-
  2. heated dry, followed by heated wash five times -OR-
  3. "Hi Temp Scrub - Air Dry - Hi Temp Scrub - Air Dry" -OR-
  4. Water Heat / No Heat Dry / What Heat / No Heat Dry.
  5. THEN .... wait for all lights to go on and then go out. This worked like a charm for our dishwasher!

After the lights go off.. your dishwasher will run a partial cycle and then be back to normal.

No service call, no dishwasher parts to buy ... just a few buttons to push!


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