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Saturday, January 24, 2009  

LG Appliance Parts - Hard to find Replacement Parts- CLICK HERE!

A post sent to our editors by a satisfied visitor:

Extend the life of your home appliance at

Recently I had some problems with my LG Side by Side Refrigerator and did a search for LG parts and found it practically impossible to find what I was looking for to fix my fridge. I found out that many appliance part stores still call the brand Goldstar.

Goldstar actually merged with a company called Lucky and thus the acronym LG came to be.

In any case, I found the search on this site: LG Appliance Parts to be very helpful in my quest to fix my own refrigerator without having to call an expensive handyman in.

Don’t laugh but basically, my refrigerator light bulb burned out. Changing out a refrigerator lightbulb is not a difficult process for most people .. but I had a bit of trouble finding the light bulb until I found Appliance Life -

In some cases, if the light bulb burns out often, you may have a problem with the door switch. Depending on the refrigerator model, there should be a button or sensor in the refrigerator door which can turn the light bulb on and off. If this button or switch is not working properly, the light may stay on or off permanently. Once you’ve located the mechanism, try to manipulate it to the on and off positions.

If the light still does not respond, then you’ll need to have a qualified serviceman investigate the switch and the internal wiring.

Make sure you do not exceed the recommended wattage of a refrigerator lightbulb - thus always buy a light bulb that is specifically made for your refrigerator ie.. Refrigerator Replacement Parts. Using standard room lighting bulbs rated over 40 watts is not energy efficient and probably dangerous. Bulbs designed especially for refrigerators are made to withstand changes in temperature and moisture condensation. Other bulbs may be too thin or have hot spots which may cause shattering when wet.

You can find many other LG appliance parts at Appliance Life. They also have instructions on finding model numbers and even links to diagrams that will help you.

The Motto they boast is that the will save you money by “Extending the Life of your Home Appliances” and we do agree!

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