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Tuesday, May 20, 2008  

Energy Star Washing Machines and Energy Star Diswashers- CLICK HERE!

We often get asked what the difference is between an energy star washing machine or dishwasher and a normal one. The quick and easy answer is Saved Money. You will save money on a monthly basis. Just how much depends on how many people in your household and how often you wash clothes and wash dishes (as well as take showers and so forth)

ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. Here is the official energy star website.

Energy Star Washing Machines

Most washing machines use 40 or more gallons per load. This is an huge number. Not only is it wasteful, but it can get very expensive when you consider how many of these gallons need to be heated and how much energy is needed and paid for to make this work. For washing machine replacement parts -click here.

Energy Star rated washing machines use between 18-25 gallons. These appliances will save you 38-55% on water consumption per load, and depending on how many loads you wash on Hot. It will also reduce the heating bill by nearly half per load.

Energy Star Dishwashers

A typical dishwasher uses 12 gallons per load, all of which is hot water. Energy Star rated dishwashers use 3 gallons less per load, which again not only saves the cost of those three gallons, but also the cost to heat them. An energy star dishwasher will save 25% every time you run it. Click here for Dishwasher Coupons

Water usage is a culprit of high cost in home energy bills. Depending on how many showers people take, and how many people there are in the home to take them as mentioned above, sprinklers, pools and fish tanks, water can become a huge spender, especially when you have to heat it.

Simple actions can make a big difference. If just one in 10 homes in the United States used ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, the change would be like planting 1.7 million new acres of trees.

Some Energy Star Appliance Rebates for you:

The Jenn-AirĀ® brand "Invitation to Inspiration" escalating cash back event offers consumers who purchase select Jenn-Air brand appliances between February 10, 2008 and July 12, 2008 an opportunity to receive up to $1,000 cash back by mail. Jenn-Air Appliance Parts here.

Consumers purchasing 5 select Jenn-Air brand appliances, which may include specific ENERGY STARĀ® qualified refrigerators and dishwashers are eligible to receive $750 cash back by mail. Consumers purchasing 4 select products are eligible to receive $500 cash back, while those purchasing 3 select products are eligible to receive $300 cash back by mail. More Jenn-Air Coupons here

Consumers will receive a bonus $250 cash back by mail when the package purchase includes a select Jenn-Air built-in-refrigerator. Check all Jenn-Air Rebates here.


The Amana brand "Suite Deal on Stainless" event, running April 13, 2008
through July 26, 2008, offers consumers that purchase select Amana brand
stainless steel kitchen appliance packages up to $300 cash back by mail. Amana Coupons are here.

Consumers can receive $150 cash back for purchasing a package containing 4
select Amana brand stainless steel appliances of which includes an Energy Star
qualified dishwasher.
Amana Appliance Parts and Accessories are here.

Consumers purchasing packages containing 3 select Amana
brand stainless steel kitchen appliances are eligible to receive $100 cash back
by mail. As a bonus, consumers will have an opportunity to receive an additional
$50 - $120 cash back when they upgrade the refrigerator within the package to
qualified models. Find more Amana Rebates here.

There is an additional $30 bonus cash back when consumers
upgrade the dishwasher within the package to an eligible Energy Star qualified

Save Money, Time and the Environment!


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