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Tuesday, May 6, 2008  

Replacement Icemaker for Maytag and Whirlpool Refrigerators- CLICK HERE!

I don't know of a single icemaker that has outlasted it's refrigerator. Have you? The Icemaker always goes first and in most cases -the owner doesn't realize how easy and inexpensive it is to purchase and install a replacement icemaker.

This Whirlpool 3417943 Ice Maker uses an electric motor, an electronically operated water valve, and an electrical heating unit. This ice maker hooks up to the plumbing line in your house to provide fresh water for ice cubes.

The water-fill valve supplies household water to the ice maker. When the water tray thermostat senses that the tray has reached the proper temperature, it signals the icemaker to start ejecting the ice cubes into the tray.
The picture above shows the replacement ice maker for Whirlpool refrigerators - both the round or flat plug. The valve and bin are not included.
The beauty of this Icemaker is that it replaces the following model icemakers (many of these are other brands .. not just Whirlpool and Maytag. Warmer days are upon us and although ice is a luxury and not a necessity .. go ahead and fix that icemaker.

4317943, D7824706, D7824705, D7824706Q, D7824705Q, 4211173,
D703817, D7824701, D7824702, D7824706Q, D7767601, D7824701,
R0156806, 95109-1, 4200520,
4200521, 4200522 4210317 4211173 480616 480617 482014
482015 482016 482017 482018 482019 482020 482394 482433
482990 53-8021 625601 625603 625610 625611 625622 625625
625653 625656 625660 626002 626201 626237 626366 626461 626489
626608 626609
626626 626662 626661 627572 797991 8114 833701
978552 978553 978556
(there are even more than these model numbers)

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