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Saturday, May 17, 2008  

Spring Clean your Range- CLICK HERE!

It's time to get your range ready for summer. Replace your old surface and bake units and dull drip pans with shiny new parts if you can't get the old ones clean!

First, let's talk about keeping your range clean to begin with. Cleaning after each use of the cooktop with cleaning cream will keep the cooktop looking new and easy to clean. Ceramic cooktop cleaning creams are the best. Cooktop Cleaning Cream, gently cleans glass ceramic, stainless steel or glass cooktops.

If your appliances are stainless steel - pick up a stainless steel cleaner, also. Stainless Steel Magic - Gently polishes and removes water spots, grease and stains from all your stainless steel sinks and appliances for a gleaming finish. Keep that old stove of yours looking and working like new!

Also popular for cleaning and prepping is CERAMA BRYTE Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner. It is designed for use on ALL glass-ceramic cooktops. It is tested and qualified for CERANĀ® by SCHOTT GLAS and is recommended by EuroKera. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Industry wide testing shows that if you are have a spillover from high sugar mixtures or melted plastic you should:

  • Turn off all surface units. Remove hot pans.
  • Wear an oven mitt.
  • Use a razor scraper to move the spill to a cool area on the cooktop. (Hold the razor at about a 45 degree angle to scrape)
  • Remove the spill with paper towels.
  • Any remaining spillover should be left until the surface of the cooktop has cooled.
  • Do not use the surface units again until all residue has been completely removed.

If your electric surface burners are not heating as normal, lightly sandpaper the contacts on the element and the block they plug into. Safety first, unplug your stove. If service is still impaired, replace blocks first, then the coiled element.

Can't get the top burners clean no matter what you do? You may have to replace your top burnersWhen replacing Range top burners, plug in type, always check for burnt contacts in burner receptacle. To be safe replace receptacle with top burner.

To find the correct burners - find the model number first.

How to find the Part number of your range:

  1. Open oven door wide, model number plate located on mullion between the hinges.
  2. Lift the left front surface unit, model number plate is on the inner left side of frame.
  3. On the frame behind oven door.
  4. Pull lower drawer out. Model number plate is on horizontal or vertical member of frame.
  5. Lift right front or rear surface unit. Model number is on inside, right side of frame or the back corner of the frame.
  6. Use the search bar on top of this blog .. or click here to find shiny new oven and range parts!

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