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Friday, May 9, 2008  

Load the Dishwasher Correctly and use Glisten- CLICK HERE!

I read a news article today about a new SteamClean Dishwasher by Maytag. The part that caught my eye was that the dishwasher runs approx. 24 minutes longer than a normal dishwasher. I have to wonder how much more energy this takes and is it worth it?

This triggered a little bit of research about how to properly load a dishwasher to maximize it's ability to clean your dishes.

Careful placement of dishes in the dishwasher, plus an enzyme detergent and rinse aid, can make the difference between glistening dishes and grungy ones that generate caked on residue!

We suggest that you skip prerinsing, because it wastes time, energy,and as much as 6,500 gallons of water per year.

Here are some loading tips that even your kids can follow to get cleaner dishes:
  • Keep large dishes and items at the sides and back, so that they don't block water and detergent from reaching other smaller dishes, cups and glasses.

  • Load the dirtier side of dishes toward the center for more exposure to the spray. This is an important one and is contrary to your natural instinct

  • Use the top rack for plastic and delicate items that are dishwasher safe.

  • Put silverware handles down, but knife handles up. Be careful when removing the cleaned utensils .. you don't want to get stabbed by a fork!

  • Place items with baked-on food facedown and toward the sprayer in thebottom rack.

  • Environmentally Safe, Glisten gets your dishwasher sparkling clean and lemon fresh. Glisten works hard to remove built-up soap scum, food stains and discoloration due to iron and other water impurities. A clean dishwasher can help get your dishes cleaner.

  • Glisten is a non-toxic, citric acid mixture designed to remove iron and manganese, known as hard water stains. It is also safe for septic systems. Glisten will remove food stains on dishes as well.

  • Glisten can be used in small amounts with dishwasher soap to keep glasses and dishes clean.

  • Regular monthly use of Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner is recommended for best results.

  • Glisten can also be used as a laundry aid to brighten whites.

  • Each package contains one 3 ounce pouch. Dishwasher Parts

  • Glisten's Dishwasher Cleaner is not just for cleaning dishwashers, however. It's a multi-purpose cleaning product. It removes stains from dishes, sinks, plastic, and glassware.

  • Use it in the laundry room to remove unsightly iron stains from the tub of the washing machine.
Or try it in the bathroom to tackle those tub, sink, or toilet stains!


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