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Thursday, January 1, 2009  

Happy New Year from Appliance Life - Keep your Humidifier Functioning- CLICK HERE!

Celebrating the New Year means that it is winter.

... which means "heating season" in most parts of the country.

Heating season means that your humidifier should be in tip-top shape - so make sure that you stock up on humidifier maintenance items and humidifier parts. Whether you use gas or electric heat, the air from your home furnace not only keeps you warm, it will dry out the air in your home.

Humidifiers, by sending small molecules of moisture into the air, can help keep you healthier but also extend the life of your furniture and other household items.

The benefits of humidifiers during the heating season are many. The most common are listed below.

1. Humidifiers can help relieve cold and flu symptoms by making the air you breath moist, which helps keep your lungs more elastic and ready to fight off intruding viruses.

2. Humidifiers reduce susceptibility to infections by keeping the mucus membranes of your throat and nose soft moist allowing the tiny hairs (cilia) to work at getting rid of things like mold, pet dander and bacteria.

3. Humidifiers will relieve and prevent annoying dry, scratchy skin.

4. Humidifiers will help avoid valuable wood furniture from drying out and cracking.

5. Humidifiers will reduce static electricity, thus reducing the tiny shocks received from touching certain objects and other people.

Humidifiers help you save money in doctor expenses and furniture repairs.

The optimum humidity level in a house is generally 35 - 40 percent, anything above that can induce mold and may make your home feel more like a swamp. An easy way to tell if you have too much humidity in your home is to look at your windows. If there is moisture on the glass, cut back on your humidifier use.

Humidifier Parts by Brand
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Float assembly
If you have a reservoir-type humidifier, the float assembly may get stuck while sitting unused all summer. To avoid this problem, remove the float assembly after each heating season and thoroughly clean and inspect it. For cleaning, try vinegar, or the humidifier cleaner

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