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Thursday, September 4, 2008  

Keeping your Washing Machine leveled - Leveling Legs- CLICK HERE!

A Quick Tip that will prove EXTREMELY important in extending the life of your washing machine.

If your washing machine is not level, it can vibrate strongly during the spin cycle. This can also happen if you have a large rug, towel or blanket that is bundling up on one side of the machine. It can also happen if you overload the machine.

But if your washing machine is not perfectly level--with all four legs touching the floor--it can bang and rock back and forth, and even begin to "walk" across the room. Keeping the machine level can really prevent a TON of damage.

This type of walking isn't good for the machine and may damage anything near the machine. Use the adjustable front and/or back leveling legs on the washer to adjust the machine to the proper height, then tighten the lock nut up against the body of the machine to keep the leg from rotating.

Most washing machines have "self-adjusting" rear legs. You set these legs by tilting the entire machine forward onto its front legs (with the rear legs 3 to 4 inches off the floor) and then setting the machine back down. The legs should adjust automatically.

If they don't, you may need to tilt the machine forward and rap on the rear legs with the handle of a hammer to loosen them--a procedure that's easier to accomplish with a helper.

Place a carpenter's level across the front of the clothes washer and check to see if the machine is level side to side. If it isn't, use adjustable pliers to rotate one front leveling foot or the other until the washer is level.


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