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Friday, July 18, 2008  

Some Hints on Buying Appliance Parts- CLICK HERE!

We can't say enough about doing your homework before purchasing replacement parts for your appliances. It can safe alot of your time, money and most of all - it will say you from getting a headache!

Here are some things that are important for you to understand when buying parts for your air conditioner, washing machine or other household appliance.
  • It is basically an "appliance parts industry standard" to NOT accept returns for electrical appliance parts! Electrical parts may be calibrated and can easily be damaged by mishandling or improper installation, without showing any signs to the naked eye - therefore in most cases - your part will not be returnable
  • Many times - appliance part stores charge a restocking fee of 15% to 50%. This is to help defray the cost of time involved in helping you and stocking the parts
  • Always check your warranty. If a part or appliance is under warranty - chances are you will not have to pay the restocking fee, of course
  • On-line merchants usually make you apply for a return authorization before they will accept returned goods. This is in part because many online retailers ship from warehouses directly and may not have parts in thier store. (Some online retailers may not even have a store)
  • Special order parts are usually NOT RETURNABLE unless a mistake is made by the parts supplier or the manufacturer.
  • Before ordering anything, be sure to read the store policies!

If something fails - get some expert help or read up online at Appliance Life before purchasing your parts!


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