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Monday, June 23, 2008  

Air Filters for Air Conditioners- CLICK HERE!

The most important maintenance tip for air conditioners and conserving energy when using an air conditioning is to regularly replace your air conditioner filters. Of course, making sure that the air conditioner is turned down when you leave the house for extended periods is very important - but we are assuming that you already do that as a matter of habit.

Replacing the filter in your air conditioner is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to keep your air conditioner running at its most optimum and energy efficient state.

If you do not replace the filters on a regular basis, the dirt and other impurities that naturally occur will not only be very unhealthy for you (can you say AHH CHOO), but they can also cause harm the air conditioner unit itself.

Our mission is to extend the life of your household appliances, including
your air conditioner, so we have this special report on how to change the filter
in your air conditioner.

First, find your filter. Check along the air conditioner ductwork for the filter. It will most likely be covered with a slotted metal door of some type.

Find the correct size of filter that you need. It is very important to buy the right air conditioner filter. Try Repair Clinic's Air Conditioning Part Department if you need help determining the right filter.

Look on the top and sides of the filter for the size. It will be something
like this: 12x16x1 or 12x16. If there is no filter in the unit, measure the size
of the filter area and make note of it. Also, jot down the brand of air
conditioner that you have and the model number if you can find it. Many
online stores like ours can find the right filter just based on the model

Most of our filters will ship out today. So when you recieve the
filter, make sure you put the date on the filter prior to replacing it. In
most cases, there is a designated place on the filter, itself, to write the
date on.
It's pretty easy to put the new filter in. Lift up the
filters metal covering. There might be some screws or other holding device
keeping the covering in place. Take out the old filter and dispose of it
properly. Check the side of the new filter for an arrow showing the correct
airflow direction. Make sure that you place it in the right

Don't forget to secure the metal door covering the air conditioner
filter after you have placed the new one in.

Pretty easy process .. saves alot of money... can save in doctor bills and now you can save on the filter itself!!! CLICK HERE for deals at Repair clinic on your airconditioner filters.

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